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There are has never been a better time to bring back our old school methods of communication! Is there anything better than recieving a postcard, that's been signed, sealed and delivered from someone who loves you? It is one of life's greatest pleasures, and we need those little pleasures more than ever right now <3 

This postcard pack comes with 3 designs that have been created with love for the people you miss most right now. 

  1. "Reasons Why I Miss You" (with matching design on reverse side) 
  2. "In Life's Hardest Moments We Unite" (blank on reverse side) 
  3. "See You Soon" (blank on reverse side)


  • Size: A6
  • Paper Stock: Glossy
  • Reverse Side: Blank
  • Delivery Cost: Ireland (Free), International (€2.50)
  • Estimated Delivery: Ireland (7 working days), International (14 working days - please note that due to the Covid19 pandemic, delivery times cannot be predicted at this time). 
  • Returns and exchanges accepted. Exceptions may apply.


You can also find postcard pack for kids here!


Positivity Postcard Pack

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